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Thank Yous

I feel it important that we thank all the people that gifted us a present after Christmas as it seems the polite thing to do. On Christmas Day I wrote down a list of who got me what and then I leave the list in my room for the next day. I would start by making a standard card on my computer, this would have a picture that I have recently taken or a christmasy one that I find, this would be accompanied by the words 'Thank You'

From here I would print two per page, and as many as I need. I would then write inside a thank you note, saying what I will spend the money on or that I love the shades in the makeup pallet that they gave. this would all be hand written for the more personal touch, plus I feel that its more caring.
If you are unable to make your own thank you cards you can get them in most card shops, or any stationary shop.

CHRISTMAS (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

Well this is a Christmas to remember, I’ve already had one major downer and one major upper. The downer I’d rather not share but the upper I’d like to spread as Christmas should be about being happy and thinking of others. The family are all gathered round the tree and we have opened our presents and thanked one another for the kindness they have shared. The smell of dinner is round the whole house and the dogs are running round looking for the turkey that belongs to the smell.  The table is set and ready for the crown of meat to meet our plates, but mine is in the corner with it’s Lidl veggie option waiting. Christmas is here!

Christmas Eve (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

Santa is coming, he's packed his sleigh and is ready to depart to deliver your present. What did you ask for? Was it the new film out or a selection of your favourite makeup or the new PS4 game that you've wanted to buy for the last month? Do you think you'll get it? Are you going to wait up till really late to see if you can see Santa?  Well I remember what I used to do back in the day. I would write a list for Santa with lots of items on, I'd only really want two or three of them but the others would be on here cause they would be great to own or have. The list would be given to my parents at the beginning of December. I couldn't wait to see what I'd get. I would go to bed on the 24th of December and not be able to sleep in anticipation for what was to come the next day, Christmas Day. Then the next thing I would remember would be waking up... Waking the rest of the family up and then opening Santas presents. 
Really looking forward to tomorrow........

Why Trees? (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

Does anyone actually know why we have Christmas trees and what they actually represent. No I thought not! I didn’t know but it’s something that has just always been in my mind during Christmas time, however with the easy access to the internet I was able to find out and share what I now know.  The tree apparently stands for Christ, and represents the value of life. The tree is one of the only trees that stays green all year round and this evergreen becomes a sign of undying life, which reminds Christians of the “tree of life” a reference in genesis. It has also been used to remind people during the winter that spring is coming and let’s them look forward to the warmer weather. As I’m sure most of you know the star is meant to represent the star of Bethlehem which guided the wise men to Christ’s birth place. 
There’s so much more that I found but it could take months to read all of it, so I thought I’d leave it with these main points.

Christmas baking (25 Day Count Dow To Christmas)

Today I have been Baking all day to get ready for all the guests I have coming round to my house on Christmas Day. I have used Tayna Burr's Recipe for the gingerbread cakes that I made, and after tasting one I can definitely say that they are the nicest cakes I have ever made.
Sorry for the short post today, I've just been really busy baking,, and still got lots to do.

Christmas Kindness (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

I feel that over the last few days I have strayed away from the Christmas content that I promised you guys, and leaned into a more regular content posts. If I was being honest its because I can only write so much about Christmas and I really didn't think out the full process of writing something christmasy everyday that you will enjoy reading, but I have now successfully written down my ideas till Christmas as well as a few for after the big day, and there looking great. But on with todays post...

Every year you get Christmas cards from your friends and family which basically are to wish you a 'merry Christmas' and I feel that this is a great tradition that we have around the world during this time. However I know that there lots of people out in the world who don't have Family or friends and who don't get Christmas cards, and it makes me sad to think that there are people out there who don't get the joy of reading the nice messages inside the cards. if you hav…

A Canteen (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

One of my favourite restaurants in my local area is Acanteen, it is based in chelmsford and is a family  run restaurant that serves Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner as well as holding special events like this years New Years Eve Party.
On my recent trip to this modern style food bar I was delighted to enjoy a Caesar salad which for me was complimented by there signature Oreo Milkshake, which is to die for. Upon arriving I was quickly greeted by a welcoming face who gladly lead me to a seat in the middle of the open plan room with clear view into the kitchen and there massive pizza oven.  Once seated I was asked what I would like to drink and if I was ready to order, having been there lots I was quick to say my favourite dish as well as my drink selection.  Normally they would take about 15 minutes to prepare the food and the drinks would be quick from asking, however on this occasion I received my drink after my food arrived, but the waitress was nice enough to strike it off of the…

My Schooling Life (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

As promised, todays post will be a good one, and quite lengthly compared to previous ones.
Yesterday I went to my college award ceremony to be awarded my certificate for my A-Levels, this meant going back to my place of education and meeting all my old teachers as well as fellow students. the ceremony its self was nothing to brag about as it was half an hour of clapping, which lets be honest no one wants to participate in. However it has caused me to reflect on my time during my education and has given me close to that part of my life.
I started my education in my home village where everyone knew everyone. I went to the infants school where I learn to draw, read and write. three years later I was placed into year three, at the Juniors where I would spent the next 4 years of my life. I started in a class that was more focused on English skills as the teacher was clearly more educated in that field. This however did not help me with my reading or writhing as I continued to struggle with t…

Questions??? (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

As you are all aware I am restarting my YouTube channel, but I would like you to all help me with my first video and I need you to send me some questions that you want to know about me, they can be about anything and I will answer as many of them as I can. Leave a comment on here or on any of my social media accounts to submit your question. Hopefully it will be a quick way for you all to get to know me on January 1st. 
Im also really getting into the Christmas spirit and listening to all the Christmas songs on the radio, I have been doing some baking (made a really bad gingerbread house) as well as going Carol signing, which I was probably, definitely the worst signer at the event. 
I have a really good post tomorrow for you, come back at 4:00pm tomorrow to read...

Three present ideas (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

It is now the 17th of December and once again it is 4:00pm and I'm posting again. I hope you all enjoyed the poem from yesterday. (I know it was really really bad as I whipped it up in a minute)

With only a few days till Christmas I'm sure you have all done your Christmas shopping, if not Why? you only have 8 days left, whats going on? if you need to order the present then today is probably your last chance as its about to be too late and will arrive after Christmas. Ive got three great Christmas present ideas that you can evilly get before the big day that should be available to all people I what ever location they are in.

The first idea I have is Candles as they can be great for anyone who likes to have candles in there house or room, they go well when you are in a bath and can be great for what ever occasion. You can get any candles you want but my personal favourite are Yankees Candles. The second is a DVD as everyone likes a good film, you can either get a digital download…

Christmas Poem (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

16th of December,  One I will remember, For the cold weather,  To coat made out of leather,  This is it, We’re all wrapped up in our kit, Christmas is coming, The birds have stopped humming, Wrapping up the presents,  Before we eat the pheasant, Christmas dinner, Was just a beginner,  Because cheese is next, Finish that text, Thank the family,
Because it’s Christmas time.

Christmas Dinner (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

To continue from yesterday, dinner is the main event! (I mean of course it is) but for me it can be a problem as I can't eat the traditional Christmas dinner of Turkey or Pigs in blankets as I'm a vegetarian, this means that I normally eat salad and pasta and lots of cheese, but no meat. This year I have been looking fo the perfect replacement to go alongside of my Brussels sprouts and parsnips, and I think I have found the perfect vegetarian option. If you go into lidl you can get '2 Chestnut mushroom, brie and cranberry wellingtons' for just £2.29. Not only are these the nicest food I've ever tasted for such a cheep price but also have a great taste that will keep in favour of Christmas with the cranberry filling. Plating one of these up on Christmas Day will look great partnered with some Parsnips, potatoes and some veg or what ever you fancy.
The main part of dinner when I was growing up was the Christmas crackers though that we would pull at the beginning of di…

Memories of Christmas (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

Hello everyone I’m back from my day off and I’m a year older. Now that I’m 19 I have decided that I need to mature a litte bit as I still am quite an annoying and strange person, I know that I will continue to be strange but I will need to stop being so annoying and stop when someone is getting frustrated with my terrible jokes. But that doesn’t change anything on my blog status or YouTube, meaning I’m still gonna be posting everyday on here and every week starting from January on my YouTube channel. Today’s post is a nice long one for you to make up for the not so great content in the last couple of days and missing yesterday.
My memories of Christmas are some of my most cherished moments as I can remember them clearly for seeing all the family and having a great time. On the day before Christmas (Christmas eve) we would all go to a close family friends house to celebrate Christmas and we would sit and chat, laugh and dance as well as eat way too much before heading home late, sometim…

Aahhhh! (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

I’m so so sorry for the late post today (not at 4:00pm) but I’ve been so busy trying to get ready for tomorrow and clean my drive of snow and ice. But my car is now clean and I’m ready to be 19.
No post tomorrow but Thursdays post will be amazing!
If you haven’t already go check out my advert for my YouTube channel link in yesterday’s post.

Uploaded on YouTube!


Snow (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

Today I woke up to snow for the first time in about 3 years, I went down stairs and grabbed a lovely mug of Double Choca Mocha and drank it while admiring the view from my window. After realising that people would ruin the landscape and fresh powder by walking or driving over it, I hurried to get dressed and grabbed my camera for a walk down to the local sites to snap a few pictures before ⛄️ appeared. After freezing or about an hour I ran home to see the pictures I had captured. Below is my favourite.
It really was cold this morning and I’m so thankful I woke in a heated house and it has made me think of people who are not so fortunate and, how much they must struggle. Help the homeless this cold winter if possible, but don’t drive as it’s very slippery. Thanks for reading, have a snowy day ❄️

Day 9 (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

It is the 9th of December today and this means that I have been posting a new article every day far 9 days as part of the 25 day count down to Christmas. As well as this I have expanded my knowledge on how other blogs operate as well as how I can improve my blog meaning that there is much much more to come. Ive had a huge announcement that I will coming back to the YouTube platform of entertain, and this will be a great way to start the new year with regular uploads on my YouTube channel as well as daily posts on this Blog. I have an exciting week in Lin for next week as there is a lot going on for me, Its my birthday as well as some other events that will be happening, meaning that there will be more for me to write about.  I have been out over the last couple of days taking some pictures as well to calm my spirit down as its been non-stop posting this posting that, going here, going there, as well as trying to look for a job. The long walks around fields have been amazingly calming …

News at Christmas Time (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

So this December there has already been some huge stories in the news.  The UK has met the deadline for having an agreement with the EU meaning that the UK and the EU are in a partial agreement with how the UK will leave and how much the UK will Pay to leave, it needs to be reviewed by the other 27 countries in the EU. President Donald Trump has recognised that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel meaning that there is now conflict in the area which has caused at least 17 Palestinians to be injured as well as one in a critical state. The rest of the world has condemned President Trumps announcement and state that Jerusalem is still the capital of Palestine. However if you ask Siri you will find out that it is the capital of both Palestine and Israel.  Bitcoin has reached a world record high of £16,000, however is now being refused by gaming companies like Steam. My personal favourite news story this month has been the fact that Avocado injuries are a thing of the past as Marks and Spencers …

Music (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

I need new Christmas songs in my life. Im so fed up of hearing the same songs every year for Christmas, is it that hard for artist to make a new christmasy song that will stay in the charts all Christmas and be catchy. I don't really want remakes or covers I just need to listen to something over than the original 10 Christmas songs that play every second of December.
I do like the current Christmas songs its just no one brings out a new one anymore and if they do, I haven't heard it. If you know of any good new Christmas songs then please tell me as I'm slowly losing the plot.
Feeling a lot better today, so should be back posting bigger and better posts tomorrow.

Some Wacky ideas (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

Well this is it, I'm breaking the 25 day count down to Christmas streak and announcing that there will not be a post on the 13th of December, this is due to it being my birthday and this eating I'm spending it with my family.

I've also been doing some thinking and have decided that I might get back into doing videos on YouTube again, I've got some wacky ideas and some exciting things to incorporate into the videos. If you have any ideas then leave them in the comments as they will hopefully be more about you than me.

But its getting closer to Christmas and I'm getting really excited.

Relax (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

Around Christmas I feel that it is a stressful time for everyone, trying to get presents for all your family and friends can be hard and stressful. This can cause many people to overdo it and not get the sleep they need as well as making them selves ill. This Christmas remember to relax and take your time as your health is more important.
I know its a short one today but I've been resting as I've not been to well, hopefully back writing lots tomorrow.

Charity (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

Christmas is all about giving and being with the people who make you happy. At this time of the year I look back at all the people who have made my year special and who has made a difference to me, and I try to buy them the best gift I can to thank them for what they have done over the year. But I cannot help but think of all the people around the world who don't have the Christmas they deserve. Anyone could be having a difficult time, be it at work they have lost a staff member and needing to cover them meaning they are working nearly everyday and getting home to go straight to bed(this can be draining.) It could be the person who suffers from mental health and struggles to leave the house. What I'm getting at is that anyone can have a bad Christmas for a number of reasons. I feel that this Christmas we need to make it different, I have hundreds of readers a day, and if each one of you donated to a charity of your choosing this Christmas then you could make a difference to th…

White Christmas (25 Day Count Down To Christmas)

Every year it snows in the uk, but most of the time we don’t have much snow as it’s just not the right climate. If your looking for a White Christmas then there are a few places that you can guarantee snow for the perfect White Christmas. Here’s my top 5 White Christmas locations. Canada. Now I haven’t been to Canada before but I’ve heard some great things about the location, it’s got amazing cities as well as some gorgeous landscapes like the Lake Tahoe. With it’s accommodating  reputation and great lodges available to rent, this Christmas could be a great white one.My second choice could be home, now where ever you live, there is a very small chance that it could snow there. It may be unlikely but it could happen, and where better to spend Christmas than at home with your family. Plus it’s a lot cheaper than going away.Not far from the top is Iceland due to its very cold winters ranging to -5, the only problem I can find about this white remote country is that it’s very windy and thi…

Christmas film (25 count down to Christmas)

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Is the old ones like White Christmas, or is it the new ones like Frozen? The thing is, they are all great to watch, on your own or with the family. However, the real question is what’s your favourite? My favourite Christmas film is Elf. That’s a statement I will stick by for ever. It’s funny, it is full of love, its got issues that we can all relate to in one way or another, but the most important thing is... it’s Christmasy! I don’t want to go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil the film for you, but it’s about a normal person who grows up with elves and thinks he is an elf, until one day he learns the truth. He goes home to find his real family only to find out... you must watch the film to know the rest. 
Please tell me what your favourite Christmas film is?

Christmas is coming! (25 day count down to Christmas)

Lights, camera, action! It’s time to turn on the Christmas lights.  It’s the 1st of December and the 25 day count down to Christmas starts now! Open your advent calendars and start wrapping your presents. 
My tree has gone up today and has been decorated by my mother (as I’d do it wrong) and the lights are up outside the house. Really getting into the Christmasy mood now. Time for a film maybe?

I’m ready, are you?

Not a post today just a message to say I’m ready for the next 25 days of blogging, with no days off. Tomorrow is day 1.

French baguette chilli pizza bread

So today I’m going to be showing you how I make a perfect French baguette chilli pizza bread. I find this recipe best for easy but sophisticated lunches to have by myself while I watch Neighbours or with my mum as we talk about our week. 
Ingredients French baguette Tomato puréeCheeseSome chilly powder 
To start you need to pre heat the grill on a low heat setting, this will melt the cheese and toast the bread without burning it. While the grill gets warm cut or grate some cheese. From here you need to cut your French baguette to a size your willing to eat, cut in half carefully, this will help as I.T will not make lots of crumbs as well getting a clean cut making I.T easier to spread the tomato purée on it. The next step is, you guessed it, spread the tomato purée onto the clean cut of the French baguette, if you like the garlic tomato purée you can use that instead. Place the cheese on the top and sprinkle a pinch of chilli powder on top and place in your grill till the cheese is melted…

Why do we feel that we have to wear makeup?

What’s wrong with us to make us feel that we have to put on make up to make ourselves look better? We should be getting out the shower, looking in the mirror and saying “yes, that’s me, and I look good” not “omg... I look like a sloth with no make up on” 
I’m not going to lie, I wear make up every day, and I do it because without it, I feel naked, but that’s the problem. Most people feel naked without wearing a bit of mascara or a bit of lipstick, and I understand that it looks nice but we shouldn’t have to feel like we need it to look good.
What I’m trying to say is you are beautiful, and you don’t need make up to let others know this. Everyone has natural beauty and most hide it to accelerate another feature like there eyes or cheeks. Painting your face may help self confidence but I can almost guarantee that if you go a day with wearing no cosmetics you will get a comment from someone saying “your skin looks nice” or “I love your freckles” that will boost your confidence massively ca…


Monday’s are the worst day of the week for most people but I’m going to argue that they are the best. Yes you may have had a great weekend and now it’s over. You do now have to go back to school or go back to work but that’s not a negative, that’s a positive. You get to see your friends again, you get to expand your brains capabilities and learn all new things, you get to help people who struggle or you struggle and people help you and they feel a sense of achievement. Monday isn’t the end of the weekend it’s the start of a great week and you make the decision weather to start the week happy and determined or tired and miserable. Life is yours, make it how you want it.

Overview of the week plus 25 days of Christmas!

I’ve had a busy week, this week. I’ve been to a job interview which I really want to do as well as securing 2 other interviews for next week. I’ve watched the new Paddington movie which was amazingly funny and would recommend it for all to watch. But I must say my favourite part of this week have been the two photography trips I went on. I took some great pictures and so did J. 

I’m doing the 25 days to Christmas challenge, I’m going to be posting something every day for 25 days leading to Christmas. Each post will be different and have a festive idea to it. Please come back every day to celebrate Christmas with me on my blog.

Photo trip

I’ve had a busy few days this week so I apologise for missing a few days but it’s given me some interesting things to talk about. On Wednesday I went on a photography trip to my local woods which turned into a trip to Maldon (the land of sea salt)  The day started like this, up and straight to my breakfast of marmite spread thinly on warm bread. Then a lay in bed finding friends to see that day, and behold my friend JORDAN (who I will reference as J). So me and J arranged to meet up in my home village and maybe take some pictures for her scrap book. Off to the woods we went. Upon arriving we got lost... a few times... well maybe more than a few but we managed to take a few rather good photos. These are only some of the thousands we snapped.

We then found a lovely bar/restaurant called the Cricketers which seemed to serve lunch, and it truly was the nicest lunch I’ve had in a long time. J and I even got mistaken for press as we turned up with this massive camera that had a tripod attache…

My social media accounts

No so much a post today but more of an advertisement for all my social media accounts. Twitter - @callie_for_ever Instagram - @ForeverCallie
Facebook - @ForeverCallie01


Typical gender roles are; males do contact sport and play video games and generally get angry or aggressive quickly, whereas females relax and talk as well as loving shopping for home decor and clothing. This is what I know the typical person would say if I asked them to define what the difference is. I think that this is completely wrong and should not be the answer. There is no difference.  As a female who has lived most of my life as a male I have grown up struggling what my path should be and recently I’ve found an answer, what ever the hell I want it to be. As a trans female who likes to shop for all types of things such as clothes or kitchen accessories and likes talking to my friends about what guy is hot and what I thought about Neighbours on Friday, I still like to play my PS4 and have a football match with some friends. I think that there shouldn’t be male or female dominant roles in life and especially in our work lives, if a man wants to be a nurse, let him, he could save y…

I miss baths!

I miss baths! I used to have a bath every week, I’d put in a bath bomb light some candles and relax. But about 5 months ago I had my bathroom redone. And it is lovely, we have a fancy shower that could fit like 3 people in easily, we have a tap that’s like a water fall, but no bath. This means I can’t relax in the tub with candles soothing the air and a skin mask on my face listening to my favourite songs. I have had to do with just laying in bed, which has become my new favourite thing to do. I spend about 3 hours a day just relaxing in my bed watching my favourite YouTubers and reading my favourite blogs. Anyone else who used to have a bath and now misses having one I know your pain. 

I haven’t posted it two days as I’ve been working on something amazing for you all. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s gonna take ages to write. XXX

Long process (transgender update)

As I’m sure you are all aware I’m transgender, this means that I feel I was born in the wrong body. Since realising in 2007 that I felt this way I have faced many barriers and struggles. The first and most important thing that I needed to do was tell someone, this took me the total of 4 years to do. I just couldn’t tell my parents, I was telling them that everything they new about me was wrong, I couldn’t do that. But after 4 years I managed to tell them. If I could go back I would have just said something the first time I’d realised I felt different.  From this I then needed to wait for them as they thought it was a “phase” which is understandable cause I needed to be really sure before I went through with treatment. This took another 2 years. Now at this point I’m 14 and filling out forms to go The the Tavistock Centre in London which would give me counselling, which I didn’t want, but more importantly would give me hormones. Well... at 15 they said “we could start you on blockers but …

Job hunting

Currently, I’m looking for a job to keep me busy. I’ve gone on every website I know, and these are my experiences with the two main ones I have used.
Indeed - As a place to find job vacancies, this is a great platform to begin with, however I have found it incredibly difficult to get a reply from any of the jobs I’ve applied for. I’ve tried to go for less academic jobs to see if I was applying for a job I wasn’t qualified enough for but I still didn’t get a response.
Brookstreet - this is truly the worst place I could have gone, not only did the person I speak to ignore me with what I was looking for, they also told me that my CV didn’t show any skills. It also said couldn’t drive, despite me being able to, so I was not able to get to some of the jobs they could offer me. I can drive and it says this on my CV, and I have a clearly labelled skills section. I can only presume that they didn’t read my CV. I would avoid this company at all costs. 
This is just in my experience, I know that y…

My go to drink!

Everyone has a go to drink, some like Coke others like Tea and then there’s people who like Water or Squash but then there’s me... I am obsessed with Chocolate Milk. It is my go to drink and without it I couldn’t cure my hangovers and I couldn’t watch the film without it as it is the best drink ever. I have a special way of making it that I feel everyone should try.  First, you need a glass, the bigger the better, it needs to be open at the top to allow a biscuit to be dunked. Second, you need to place 3 heaped tea spoons of Nesquik chocolate powder into the glass. The third task is to add semi skinned milk half way in the glass, and stir straightaway to mix the mixture. you then need to fill the glass to about 2cm below the top.Fill the rest with squirty cream and great 80% dark chocolate on the top. EnjoyThis is how it’s done, and I know that you will enjoy it. If you think it’s not chocolatey enough, then add more Nesquik the next time you make it. If you think it’s too chocolatey t…

Harry styles or Sam Smith

Right now I’m loving two people, Sam Smith and Harry Styles.  Sam Smith is huge right now after his recent release of ‘The thrill of it all’ which I must admit is his best album to date, I love all the songs he has done in the past but I can safely say that the new ones he has recently released are the best. My favourite on the new album are ‘pray’ ‘burning’ and ‘midnight train’ if you want to listen to Sam Smith then he can be found on Spotify, iTunes, in most stores or just go on YouTube.
Another great artist at the moment is Harry Styles, his departure from one direction has made more than one direction for him to go in, from the movie ‘Dunkirk’ to his album ‘sign of the times.’ The style of Mr Styles is an Ballard Rock that is by far the best sounding music he has produced compared to his earlier days in ‘one direction’ my favourites in this line up are ‘sweet creature’ ‘Carolina’ and ‘kiwi’  if you want to listen to Harry Styles then he can be found on Spotify, iTunes, in most stor…

Why I post?

Ive been asked recently what has happened to my Youtube channel and if I was still going to be uploading to it, I have finally decided that it is just an unrealistic dream that I will be able to produce content that is worth watching every week. I have decided that I will not be posting on it at the moment as I busy trying to keep this up to date as well as keeping my job and work life enthusiastic.
Some people have asked why I post what I post and why I feel like I need to do it. 
I post about 5% of the writing that I do, this is because I end up writhing countless amounts every day. I write my thoughts down or whats going on it the news and just things that come to my head. I do it to keep me entertained and it helps make the days go by. I also do it as I feel like it will leave a trail of my existence as it will be online, forever and therefore I will have a presence on earth all the time.  (Bit cringe, but true)
If you feel like doing something then just do it.
Also Im feeling of doin…


As an 18 year old I’m quite set in the ways of electronics and visiting my friends with shopping and new ideas we all have as a lifestyle. But this week I have been visiting my great Auntie Joyce, who is 89, and she sits and reads and is what you would sum up as an old person. I thought of just coming to say “hi” for a few days but thought there’s nothing special about that so instead I’ve given up all electronic devices. No phone, no TV, no car, just me and my Auntie Joyce. I loved it, it was great. I felt lost without all my day to day objects that I lived for, but then I realised that ‘there just objects’ and that life doesn’t need these things to be enjoyed. Ok it’s fun and easier to have them but spending time to live ‘raw’ is a great feeling. 
Please everyone spend a week living raw, and only seeing people who matter in your life, live without your phone for a week.

Stand up for the NHS workers

Recently I had an experience at Broomfield Hospital that I must share with you all.  It started with the drive that wasn’t to long but was followed by 15 minuets looking for a space to park in, the first one I found was way to small and could be considered to be a motorcycle space as the cars either side had parked thinking of themselves and not those who have to park around them. I then had the struggle to find a new space which was proven to be sitting at the end of a section and waiting for someone to move there car which was quite quick in this circumstance. Finally I had found a place to dump the car so that I could continue with my actual reason for my visit. After digging through my pockets and my bag I found the £3 for my stay which could now not last longer than 3 hours. (For a 2 minuet jab)  There was then the walk to find the area I had to be in, after asking 4 people who worked here I finally was informed by a member of the public where I needed to go to get my blood test. On…

Lights, Camera, Action

Sitting in front of a camera can be hard, where do you look? To the camera? Behind the camera? The floor? In my opinion I think that you can look where ever you want as long as it works, this could be at the camera, this could be at the floor or this could even be both as long as you and the viewers like it then it is fine. 

I know it's a small one today but Hey... I'm on day three of my posting spree.
(Couldn't help the rhyme) XXX

Village life

In my village we all know each other, there's the postman who lives down the road, there's the chief firefighter who works in the local pub and there's me the manager in Co-op and then there's all the others with there roles and it's a community where we all know each other.  There's also the Facebook group, set to private not to allow outsiders in, that lets us all know what's going on in and around the village, we've got nearly over 3000 members in this group. There's post that are put on regularly which say someone's found a cat running around there garden or that they need some work done and need to find a plumber. People respond and the post then is forgotten about. Where there are this helpful and normal posts there are also the weird ones such as "just seen two young lads with hoods up in the park, be careful when you go outside" now I read these sorts of posts and think nope not even going to respond to that as the people in the …


Look, I know that your all probably disappointed with me as I said I was back and then posted one post and was gone again for three months, in reality I have no excuse but I've come up with a plan and have put a reminder on my phone every hour the write a new post for you guys and this should help me.
I've also filmed my first vlog which should be hitting my channel any day now as all I need to do is edit it and send it off to the wide web.

I'll be back with a post every day now! 😊


Being of a young age I am aware of the problems that we face when leaving school to find work and how it can be of difficult nature to settle in and get used to the idea that school is no longer there for us 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. One of the biggest problems is the sudden emptiness of the day. "There's nothing to do" is the phrase that I guarantee you will use at least once a day. The empty days turn into empty weeks and those that have planned to go to university get more and more excited to finally leave home while those who decide a job is the better way for them wait. That's right we deserve a summer break too, however the job search isn't what it once was (according to recent articles) meaning if you want a job there's loads but you need to have experience unless you go for retail.  In my honest opinion I think that it doesn't matter what you do weather it be going for a job, an apprenticeship or a university corse, or even going back to colleg…

I'm back!

I'M BACK!!! Heya everyone, sorry for being so absent over the last few months, I've just been trying to finish my school life and get out with something I can be proud of.  But now I'm done and can finally get back to what I've been trying to do for a long time now and that's have a weekly blog with information on it for thousands of people, there will be beauty tips and tricks, fashion trends, my terrible opinion on things and anything else that sounds exciting.
I'm really looking forward to the time ahead of us on this blog 😘


Hello, it feels like ages since I've posted anything on here but looking back its only been a week, guess I need to post more regularly. So over the last few days my life has been quite boring and not a lot has happened, I haven't been in to sixth form as all my lessons have been canceled leaving me to stay at home or go to work. 
Currently at work I have been trying to make the store look its best as we've been having the boss come in to inspect the store as well as we are scheduled to have a stock take which is where we have to count all the stock we have to see whats been stolen or lost that we don't know about. This time of the year is quite stressful for people who work in retail as there are a lot of thefts as people decide to come out more during the spring (that might just be my store).
Wishing everyone a good easter, and a good end of term break Forever Callie xxx

University? Yes or no?

As some of you might be aware I am at the age of either stopping my education or heading off to university, however I have decided that uni isn't for me. I know that uni is said to be the best 2-4 years of your life as long as you like the course you've picked, but I'm just not ready to say this is what I will do for the rest of my life as school and sixth form has only been set on what you would expect, English, maths, science, Physical education or economics. These subjects are good but they don't give you any help about deciding what job you want to do. And then your expected to go to uni and do a specialist course that allows you to do one job maybe two, I don't have a problem with people deciding to do this however I don't think I could chose as I don't know what I want to do, I like retail, I liked my paper round but I hated collecting glasses in a pub. 
It's easy to be lead by someone like a teacher or a friend and do a course that they want you t…

Lets talk about Ed

Ed Sheeran is the biggest solo artist at the moment and everyone would have heard at least five of his songs as he is currently dominating the charts in the UK right now with his new album,which is fifthteen of the top twenty singles in the UK top 40.  Ed is amazing and a true inspiration to artist in the world as he created his name by himself and wrote nearly all of his songs as well as other great artists songs as well. If you haven't already I would urge you to go down to your local Co-op (or other store) and grab yourself a copy of the album as it really is a good listen when your on your own, in the car or with a group of friends.  Hope you liked my fanning over Ed, there will be another post soon! 

What being Transgender is like, for me!

Since I came out as trans I have experienced a bundle of new things that I would say aren't the typical things you would experience.
People's reactions to you are different, they look at you and question what you are they think boy then girl then boy and settle on "mate"... I never had this problem before I came out as I was "sir" or "boy" but now I'm "mate" I don't react any different as I feel like I shouldn't make them feel bad as they are trying not to single me out however as a trans person I personally would prefer them to get it wrong and then I could correct them. Also the looks you get when you are only half way through transitioning are painfully hash on your confidence, I couldn't go shopping as I thought that everyone was judging, I put my hood up in public as I was scared people were looking at me cause I had some makeup on and longish hair. What I'm saying is people will look at you differently and you ma…