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Welcome to my blog! Now I've had a few goes in the past at making my own blog and it's not really gone very well and I've not posted as much as I would have hoped but I'm hoping that this time will be different as I am putting it alongside my YouTube channel Forever Callie. I am leaving school soon and will have a lot of free time on my hands and have decided that keeping an active blog and an active YouTube channel will help fill this time as well as helping me share some exciting and challenging things that go on in my life.
So to begin with I feel I should introduce myself... I am Callie (previously Callum) a 18 year old girl that was born in the body of a male, I have been coming out to my friends over the last 3 years and am now accepted (hopefully) by all my friends and family as Callie.
I should be posting regularly on this blog as well as videos on my YouTube channel, but not for the next month as I am getting things ready for the video. I hope to upload again in…