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Hello, it feels like ages since I've posted anything on here but looking back its only been a week, guess I need to post more regularly. So over the last few days my life has been quite boring and not a lot has happened, I haven't been in to sixth form as all my lessons have been canceled leaving me to stay at home or go to work. 
Currently at work I have been trying to make the store look its best as we've been having the boss come in to inspect the store as well as we are scheduled to have a stock take which is where we have to count all the stock we have to see whats been stolen or lost that we don't know about. This time of the year is quite stressful for people who work in retail as there are a lot of thefts as people decide to come out more during the spring (that might just be my store).
Wishing everyone a good easter, and a good end of term break Forever Callie xxx

University? Yes or no?

As some of you might be aware I am at the age of either stopping my education or heading off to university, however I have decided that uni isn't for me. I know that uni is said to be the best 2-4 years of your life as long as you like the course you've picked, but I'm just not ready to say this is what I will do for the rest of my life as school and sixth form has only been set on what you would expect, English, maths, science, Physical education or economics. These subjects are good but they don't give you any help about deciding what job you want to do. And then your expected to go to uni and do a specialist course that allows you to do one job maybe two, I don't have a problem with people deciding to do this however I don't think I could chose as I don't know what I want to do, I like retail, I liked my paper round but I hated collecting glasses in a pub. 
It's easy to be lead by someone like a teacher or a friend and do a course that they want you t…

Lets talk about Ed

Ed Sheeran is the biggest solo artist at the moment and everyone would have heard at least five of his songs as he is currently dominating the charts in the UK right now with his new album,which is fifthteen of the top twenty singles in the UK top 40.  Ed is amazing and a true inspiration to artist in the world as he created his name by himself and wrote nearly all of his songs as well as other great artists songs as well. If you haven't already I would urge you to go down to your local Co-op (or other store) and grab yourself a copy of the album as it really is a good listen when your on your own, in the car or with a group of friends.  Hope you liked my fanning over Ed, there will be another post soon! 

What being Transgender is like, for me!

Since I came out as trans I have experienced a bundle of new things that I would say aren't the typical things you would experience.
People's reactions to you are different, they look at you and question what you are they think boy then girl then boy and settle on "mate"... I never had this problem before I came out as I was "sir" or "boy" but now I'm "mate" I don't react any different as I feel like I shouldn't make them feel bad as they are trying not to single me out however as a trans person I personally would prefer them to get it wrong and then I could correct them. Also the looks you get when you are only half way through transitioning are painfully hash on your confidence, I couldn't go shopping as I thought that everyone was judging, I put my hood up in public as I was scared people were looking at me cause I had some makeup on and longish hair. What I'm saying is people will look at you differently and you ma…

Best week ever!

This week has been an amazing week and it's only Monday night!
So for me the week starts on a Saturday morning at about 8 or 9 but this week it was 10am as I was feeling a nice lay in to celebrate the fact that I didn't have to go to work due to covering someone during the week before. This meant that I had the whole day to myself, to do what ever I wanted. I started with a nice bath to relax and used the 'big blue' bath bomb from 'Lush' which was great and would recommend it for everyone who loves a good soak in the tub. I then chilled for the whole day using lots of different face masks to help my recently neglected skin look it's best. One of my favourite has to be L'Oréal clay masks and all four of the types as they all do different things which helps improve your skin.
On Sunday I had a usual day but treated myself to a nice mac Donald's for lunch but saved my diet with a salad for dinner while at work. (Current favourite food are those tuna pots…

A little about me!

My name is Callie and I was born 13/12/1998 and am currently 18. I grew up in Essex and still live there as I love Essex for it's calm attitude towards life as there's not many people that mean business and mess up your day. I am transgender and came out at the age of 12 to my parents and then 16 to the rest of the world, but realised that I was different from the age of 7. I started hormones nearly 6 months ago and have been on a testosterone blocker for 1 month and am yet to see effects. I am in my last couple of months a sixth form studying BTEC Sport and can't wait to leave. I am a supervisor at The Co-operative and love the life of retail as I love talking to the customers. I started a YouTube channel 7 months ago but had lots of work to do and left it but have decided to make a come back and see if I can grow my audience and become a public speaker not only to young transgender people but to anyone.