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Being of a young age I am aware of the problems that we face when leaving school to find work and how it can be of difficult nature to settle in and get used to the idea that school is no longer there for us 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. One of the biggest problems is the sudden emptiness of the day. "There's nothing to do" is the phrase that I guarantee you will use at least once a day. The empty days turn into empty weeks and those that have planned to go to university get more and more excited to finally leave home while those who decide a job is the better way for them wait. That's right we deserve a summer break too, however the job search isn't what it once was (according to recent articles) meaning if you want a job there's loads but you need to have experience unless you go for retail.  In my honest opinion I think that it doesn't matter what you do weather it be going for a job, an apprenticeship or a university corse, or even going back to colleg…