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Lights, Camera, Action

Sitting in front of a camera can be hard, where do you look? To the camera? Behind the camera? The floor? In my opinion I think that you can look where ever you want as long as it works, this could be at the camera, this could be at the floor or this could even be both as long as you and the viewers like it then it is fine. 

I know it's a small one today but Hey... I'm on day three of my posting spree.
(Couldn't help the rhyme) XXX

Village life

In my village we all know each other, there's the postman who lives down the road, there's the chief firefighter who works in the local pub and there's me the manager in Co-op and then there's all the others with there roles and it's a community where we all know each other.  There's also the Facebook group, set to private not to allow outsiders in, that lets us all know what's going on in and around the village, we've got nearly over 3000 members in this group. There's post that are put on regularly which say someone's found a cat running around there garden or that they need some work done and need to find a plumber. People respond and the post then is forgotten about. Where there are this helpful and normal posts there are also the weird ones such as "just seen two young lads with hoods up in the park, be careful when you go outside" now I read these sorts of posts and think nope not even going to respond to that as the people in the …


Look, I know that your all probably disappointed with me as I said I was back and then posted one post and was gone again for three months, in reality I have no excuse but I've come up with a plan and have put a reminder on my phone every hour the write a new post for you guys and this should help me.
I've also filmed my first vlog which should be hitting my channel any day now as all I need to do is edit it and send it off to the wide web.

I'll be back with a post every day now! 😊