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I’m ready, are you?

Not a post today just a message to say I’m ready for the next 25 days of blogging, with no days off. Tomorrow is day 1.

French baguette chilli pizza bread

So today I’m going to be showing you how I make a perfect French baguette chilli pizza bread. I find this recipe best for easy but sophisticated lunches to have by myself while I watch Neighbours or with my mum as we talk about our week. 
Ingredients French baguette Tomato puréeCheeseSome chilly powder 
To start you need to pre heat the grill on a low heat setting, this will melt the cheese and toast the bread without burning it. While the grill gets warm cut or grate some cheese. From here you need to cut your French baguette to a size your willing to eat, cut in half carefully, this will help as I.T will not make lots of crumbs as well getting a clean cut making I.T easier to spread the tomato purée on it. The next step is, you guessed it, spread the tomato purée onto the clean cut of the French baguette, if you like the garlic tomato purée you can use that instead. Place the cheese on the top and sprinkle a pinch of chilli powder on top and place in your grill till the cheese is melted…

Why do we feel that we have to wear makeup?

What’s wrong with us to make us feel that we have to put on make up to make ourselves look better? We should be getting out the shower, looking in the mirror and saying “yes, that’s me, and I look good” not “omg... I look like a sloth with no make up on” 
I’m not going to lie, I wear make up every day, and I do it because without it, I feel naked, but that’s the problem. Most people feel naked without wearing a bit of mascara or a bit of lipstick, and I understand that it looks nice but we shouldn’t have to feel like we need it to look good.
What I’m trying to say is you are beautiful, and you don’t need make up to let others know this. Everyone has natural beauty and most hide it to accelerate another feature like there eyes or cheeks. Painting your face may help self confidence but I can almost guarantee that if you go a day with wearing no cosmetics you will get a comment from someone saying “your skin looks nice” or “I love your freckles” that will boost your confidence massively ca…


Monday’s are the worst day of the week for most people but I’m going to argue that they are the best. Yes you may have had a great weekend and now it’s over. You do now have to go back to school or go back to work but that’s not a negative, that’s a positive. You get to see your friends again, you get to expand your brains capabilities and learn all new things, you get to help people who struggle or you struggle and people help you and they feel a sense of achievement. Monday isn’t the end of the weekend it’s the start of a great week and you make the decision weather to start the week happy and determined or tired and miserable. Life is yours, make it how you want it.

Overview of the week plus 25 days of Christmas!

I’ve had a busy week, this week. I’ve been to a job interview which I really want to do as well as securing 2 other interviews for next week. I’ve watched the new Paddington movie which was amazingly funny and would recommend it for all to watch. But I must say my favourite part of this week have been the two photography trips I went on. I took some great pictures and so did J. 

I’m doing the 25 days to Christmas challenge, I’m going to be posting something every day for 25 days leading to Christmas. Each post will be different and have a festive idea to it. Please come back every day to celebrate Christmas with me on my blog.

Photo trip

I’ve had a busy few days this week so I apologise for missing a few days but it’s given me some interesting things to talk about. On Wednesday I went on a photography trip to my local woods which turned into a trip to Maldon (the land of sea salt)  The day started like this, up and straight to my breakfast of marmite spread thinly on warm bread. Then a lay in bed finding friends to see that day, and behold my friend JORDAN (who I will reference as J). So me and J arranged to meet up in my home village and maybe take some pictures for her scrap book. Off to the woods we went. Upon arriving we got lost... a few times... well maybe more than a few but we managed to take a few rather good photos. These are only some of the thousands we snapped.

We then found a lovely bar/restaurant called the Cricketers which seemed to serve lunch, and it truly was the nicest lunch I’ve had in a long time. J and I even got mistaken for press as we turned up with this massive camera that had a tripod attache…

My social media accounts

No so much a post today but more of an advertisement for all my social media accounts. Twitter - @callie_for_ever Instagram - @ForeverCallie
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Typical gender roles are; males do contact sport and play video games and generally get angry or aggressive quickly, whereas females relax and talk as well as loving shopping for home decor and clothing. This is what I know the typical person would say if I asked them to define what the difference is. I think that this is completely wrong and should not be the answer. There is no difference.  As a female who has lived most of my life as a male I have grown up struggling what my path should be and recently I’ve found an answer, what ever the hell I want it to be. As a trans female who likes to shop for all types of things such as clothes or kitchen accessories and likes talking to my friends about what guy is hot and what I thought about Neighbours on Friday, I still like to play my PS4 and have a football match with some friends. I think that there shouldn’t be male or female dominant roles in life and especially in our work lives, if a man wants to be a nurse, let him, he could save y…

I miss baths!

I miss baths! I used to have a bath every week, I’d put in a bath bomb light some candles and relax. But about 5 months ago I had my bathroom redone. And it is lovely, we have a fancy shower that could fit like 3 people in easily, we have a tap that’s like a water fall, but no bath. This means I can’t relax in the tub with candles soothing the air and a skin mask on my face listening to my favourite songs. I have had to do with just laying in bed, which has become my new favourite thing to do. I spend about 3 hours a day just relaxing in my bed watching my favourite YouTubers and reading my favourite blogs. Anyone else who used to have a bath and now misses having one I know your pain. 

I haven’t posted it two days as I’ve been working on something amazing for you all. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s gonna take ages to write. XXX

Long process (transgender update)

As I’m sure you are all aware I’m transgender, this means that I feel I was born in the wrong body. Since realising in 2007 that I felt this way I have faced many barriers and struggles. The first and most important thing that I needed to do was tell someone, this took me the total of 4 years to do. I just couldn’t tell my parents, I was telling them that everything they new about me was wrong, I couldn’t do that. But after 4 years I managed to tell them. If I could go back I would have just said something the first time I’d realised I felt different.  From this I then needed to wait for them as they thought it was a “phase” which is understandable cause I needed to be really sure before I went through with treatment. This took another 2 years. Now at this point I’m 14 and filling out forms to go The the Tavistock Centre in London which would give me counselling, which I didn’t want, but more importantly would give me hormones. Well... at 15 they said “we could start you on blockers but …

Job hunting

Currently, I’m looking for a job to keep me busy. I’ve gone on every website I know, and these are my experiences with the two main ones I have used.
Indeed - As a place to find job vacancies, this is a great platform to begin with, however I have found it incredibly difficult to get a reply from any of the jobs I’ve applied for. I’ve tried to go for less academic jobs to see if I was applying for a job I wasn’t qualified enough for but I still didn’t get a response.
Brookstreet - this is truly the worst place I could have gone, not only did the person I speak to ignore me with what I was looking for, they also told me that my CV didn’t show any skills. It also said couldn’t drive, despite me being able to, so I was not able to get to some of the jobs they could offer me. I can drive and it says this on my CV, and I have a clearly labelled skills section. I can only presume that they didn’t read my CV. I would avoid this company at all costs. 
This is just in my experience, I know that y…

My go to drink!

Everyone has a go to drink, some like Coke others like Tea and then there’s people who like Water or Squash but then there’s me... I am obsessed with Chocolate Milk. It is my go to drink and without it I couldn’t cure my hangovers and I couldn’t watch the film without it as it is the best drink ever. I have a special way of making it that I feel everyone should try.  First, you need a glass, the bigger the better, it needs to be open at the top to allow a biscuit to be dunked. Second, you need to place 3 heaped tea spoons of Nesquik chocolate powder into the glass. The third task is to add semi skinned milk half way in the glass, and stir straightaway to mix the mixture. you then need to fill the glass to about 2cm below the top.Fill the rest with squirty cream and great 80% dark chocolate on the top. EnjoyThis is how it’s done, and I know that you will enjoy it. If you think it’s not chocolatey enough, then add more Nesquik the next time you make it. If you think it’s too chocolatey t…

Harry styles or Sam Smith

Right now I’m loving two people, Sam Smith and Harry Styles.  Sam Smith is huge right now after his recent release of ‘The thrill of it all’ which I must admit is his best album to date, I love all the songs he has done in the past but I can safely say that the new ones he has recently released are the best. My favourite on the new album are ‘pray’ ‘burning’ and ‘midnight train’ if you want to listen to Sam Smith then he can be found on Spotify, iTunes, in most stores or just go on YouTube.
Another great artist at the moment is Harry Styles, his departure from one direction has made more than one direction for him to go in, from the movie ‘Dunkirk’ to his album ‘sign of the times.’ The style of Mr Styles is an Ballard Rock that is by far the best sounding music he has produced compared to his earlier days in ‘one direction’ my favourites in this line up are ‘sweet creature’ ‘Carolina’ and ‘kiwi’  if you want to listen to Harry Styles then he can be found on Spotify, iTunes, in most stor…

Why I post?

Ive been asked recently what has happened to my Youtube channel and if I was still going to be uploading to it, I have finally decided that it is just an unrealistic dream that I will be able to produce content that is worth watching every week. I have decided that I will not be posting on it at the moment as I busy trying to keep this up to date as well as keeping my job and work life enthusiastic.
Some people have asked why I post what I post and why I feel like I need to do it. 
I post about 5% of the writing that I do, this is because I end up writhing countless amounts every day. I write my thoughts down or whats going on it the news and just things that come to my head. I do it to keep me entertained and it helps make the days go by. I also do it as I feel like it will leave a trail of my existence as it will be online, forever and therefore I will have a presence on earth all the time.  (Bit cringe, but true)
If you feel like doing something then just do it.
Also Im feeling of doin…


As an 18 year old I’m quite set in the ways of electronics and visiting my friends with shopping and new ideas we all have as a lifestyle. But this week I have been visiting my great Auntie Joyce, who is 89, and she sits and reads and is what you would sum up as an old person. I thought of just coming to say “hi” for a few days but thought there’s nothing special about that so instead I’ve given up all electronic devices. No phone, no TV, no car, just me and my Auntie Joyce. I loved it, it was great. I felt lost without all my day to day objects that I lived for, but then I realised that ‘there just objects’ and that life doesn’t need these things to be enjoyed. Ok it’s fun and easier to have them but spending time to live ‘raw’ is a great feeling. 
Please everyone spend a week living raw, and only seeing people who matter in your life, live without your phone for a week.

Stand up for the NHS workers

Recently I had an experience at Broomfield Hospital that I must share with you all.  It started with the drive that wasn’t to long but was followed by 15 minuets looking for a space to park in, the first one I found was way to small and could be considered to be a motorcycle space as the cars either side had parked thinking of themselves and not those who have to park around them. I then had the struggle to find a new space which was proven to be sitting at the end of a section and waiting for someone to move there car which was quite quick in this circumstance. Finally I had found a place to dump the car so that I could continue with my actual reason for my visit. After digging through my pockets and my bag I found the £3 for my stay which could now not last longer than 3 hours. (For a 2 minuet jab)  There was then the walk to find the area I had to be in, after asking 4 people who worked here I finally was informed by a member of the public where I needed to go to get my blood test. On…