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I've been writing all day!

I've been writing all day but it's not for this blog unfortunately... I am writing a book, and its going to be amazing, It is quite controversial at some points so far but it really does say what I feel most people think. I don't want to give too much away as I really want you to buy the book but I can say that it is about Self Love.
Thats all I'm going to say, I might post a few bits that I have written but have decided to leave out of the book, so expect to see some deep but meaningful posts in the next couple of days.


Everywhere I go people are always asking me "Whats that on your phone case?" "It's a Popsocket" is what I always tell them.
Now some of you may know but I'm sure that most of you don't know what a Popsocket actually is, I'm going to spreed the news about them and share the idea that the great company came up with.
A Popsocket is just a piece of plastic that is permanently stuck onto your phone case, and trust me, it will not come off. It is basically a handle for you to hold onto so that its harder for you to drop your phone, meaning you don't break your phone. (Which is a win if your asking me)
The best part about them are that they are able to flatten and then fit in your pocket as normal meaning that if you don't need it, its to there, however the second you do need it, Boom! you can just pull it back up and its ready to hold, even better than that is that you are able buy the accessory in which you can then mount on any flat surface with…


As you may be aware I have recently been on holiday in the corner of France in the area of Les Arcs which is just on the border of Italy. Its been a holiday that has not just been needed but I have also been waiting for what feels like ages to finally go and relax. However, skiing isn't really relaxing, no it's in my opinion one of the most challenging and physically demanding sporting activities that there is. This will be a new style of writing for me as it will be in the form of a diary.

Day 1
I awoke early to get ready for the journey to Gatwick Airport, upon having my usual breakfast of marmite on toast, it was time to bring all my bags to the front of our drive to be collected by the bus that we were getting. Dead on the 9:00AM mark the bus arrived and in the family and I got to start our week of work free time. The bus journey was fine, n problems on the road meant that  we ended up at the airport with plenty of time to get on the plane, as well as getting a few prosecco…

I'm up an alp! Update

There hasn't been alot of activity from me for a while as I've been getting ready to go on hoiday and travelling, but I have found a spare hour and thought I'd update you.
There will be a post next week from me filled with pictures and with infomation about what I've been up to. But in the meantime I'm posting this....

Recently I've been doing some seriouse thinking about what I want to do and how I want to do it for this blog and I feel I should share my goals with you. My goal is to have a total of 100,000 views per week with a merchandise page filled products that both you and I want. I want to help charities and will hold events that souls purpose is to raise money.

If you want me to do anything then please leave a comment. Till next week...


If your a film lover like me then I have the one for you! Not only has it got the best sound track I think I've ever heard since Pitch Perfect,  but it also has some of the best actors and actresses that combined has created this masterpiece called THE GREATEST SHOWMAN!
Now if you haven't seen it then go... just go right now and watch it. you don't need to go with anyone but you do need to go and see it now. I'm not really a fan of the cinema as I always end up sitting next to the loud eater, but this film was recommended to me "YOU MUST SEE IT IN THE CINEMA!" and I was originally like "ok" but a few more people told me to go watch it and then I did.

IT WAS GREAT! I'm not going to spoil anything but it was amazing, the cast were great, they acted to there best, which could be seen as you really lived in the moments on the screen. At the beginning it gave the room chills as the music was so powerful. It just got better from there. First time I…

Excuses Excuses

Hello everybody, Now I know I've not posted in the last week, but I have an excuse that I feel is satisfactory. Which leads on perfectly to what I want to talk about today.
I have been busy and I mean really busy, I have been booked on a skiing holiday for next week and this means I'm currently trying to sort out lots of things to make sure that I have everything I need and that it is all packed so that I can hopefully post while I'm there. in other words I trying to get organised. Which I know was a problem for me at school.
Now at school there was homework which had to be handed in nearly every week, it could have been science or maths, and I never could do it. I mean I could have if I tried to, but I was the person who never wrote it down meaning I had homework and I didn't know what it was or when it was due in, as you can imagine, this meant that I was stuck not knowing what to do. this meant that instead I was the person who always made excuses. here are some of …


So this marks the first of my longer posts, and trust me I'm really proud of the new content I have prepared so far this year. (I am ahead by about 4 posts)

Over the Christmas period I wanted christmasy nails, I started by painting mine red but soon released that I could do so much better than just 'Nails inc Victoria & Albert' which is the red I originally painted them. I therefore removed it all and started again, this lead to me painting them exactly the same colour which was then topped off with my favourite nail varnish 'New looks Lace & Pearls textured nail polish' as it created an amazing colour. I left this colour on for a few days as it matched most of my outfits and also made my nails look elegant but christmasy at the same time. I do however think that this nail colour could be used anytime as it is just a really nice colour.  But then I got bored of the colour after about a week meaning I was back taking it off and getting ready to apply a new col…

Happy new year (2018)

Happy new year everyone, and welcome to 2018. I just can't believe how quick 2017 went and feel like it was just the other month that we were starting the year saying the same about 2016. but this year is a special year, for lots of people. Those who were born at the beginning of the century will be old enough to drink alcohol in Europe this year, which makes me feel really old.
Anyway... you can expect a lot from me this year, I have planned it all out of what to post and when for the first month, and I a few video ideas that should be posted throughout the year. I'm going to at least post 1 video a month but you can expect more as I am hoping to have 1 ready every week.
Some sad news however is that I will not be posting everyday as it means that I will be writing all the time and it really took a lot during the '25 Day Count Down To Christmas', but his can mean that I take longer to write my posts meaning that they will be better written and longer as I have been to…


Post coming at 4:00pm but I’ve just uploaded on my YouTube channel, go have a cheeky watch!