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Fashion (I'm not a fashion blogger)

This is going to be a very different post from me today as I am crossing the line into fashion, which is something that I love and have always been interested in. I do not consider myself to be a fashion blogger but... I'm gonna give it a little go.
As you may know London fashion week has just past and has left most people who are not into fashion gobsmacked due to some of the completely out there styles that were strutted on the runways. luckily thats not the style that I'm really into and I have no information on the sorts of nipple baring outfits that have recently come into fashion, however my fashion is just as wacky and is also one that could be considered unique for the fact that being transgender has given me some very different appearances.

First look
For my first look you will be shown my outfit of choice which I will regular wear for comfort as well as style. Starting from the bottom, Black swede wedges are the must as they not only look good but are also the comfies…

Transition update (1)

I haven’t really said a lot on this blog about my situation and what it’s like to be ‘transgender’. First I’m not really keen on the whole transgender label and I prefer to just be referred to as Callie as it is my name, I’m not one who particularly likes labels as I’m a big believer in equality and therefore I feel us all to be the same, just with different feelings.  I feel that I was born in the wrong body, meaning I’m female but unfortunately am currently stuck in the body of a male. It doesn’t mean that I’m any different from the rest of the population it just means that I only really enjoy 50% of my current life. The other 50% is split up into lots of unfortunate pain, suffering or hate! About 25% of that not so good half is the same stuff that you might not be happy with, like someone opening there door into your car then them leaving! But the other 25% is mainly things such as looking in the mirror, having so many hospital appointments, not being able to date for fear of who to…

So many projects!

I know that a lot of Bloggers and YouTubers keep there projects and ideas secret but I feel that being open is the best way to really interact with my audience, And I have a lot of ideas/projects.
Book(s) - Thats right I have a book on the go, well two books on the go. I wanted to write a book for so long so I started to write one and it so far is looking really good, but then I had another idea for another book and now I'm kind of writing two books. I know... what was I thinking. Blog - This blog I'm really trying to expand, Ive recently been trying to improve my social media accounts as well as trying to get propper # for my posts. Online Store - This is really early in the making and is more of an idea that I'm trying to sort out but, I am trying to build an online store where I will have a range of clothes, home stuff and wall art.  If you have any ideas then please contact me as I want my audience to a part of the steps all the way in my projects.

Respect Parents

Recently I have gained myself a new opportunity at a new retail store, this means that I can once again follow my passion for retail and work helping customers and helping the store grow to a new level. This has and will continue to interrupt my plans for this Blog, however I will be continuing with posts and continuing to make content it will just be at a rate that I hope you will accept. There will still be at least one post a week as I am determined to keep this Blog weekly active.  Todays post is to tell you what you should be doing if you are still living at home with your parents. 
Your parents have given everything to have you and be with you as before they had you they had a life that was similar to yours, minus all the tech, and I feel that it should be your responsibility to give back. Not just at mothers day and fathers day but everyday.  My mum cooks, and therefore I feel that she shouldn't be the one who has to clean up after we have all eaten, that means taking out t…


I try like a lot of the world to produce the perfect selfie for my social media accounts, weather I want to show my face to my audience or show my progress in my transition to my friends. In order for me to do things like this I try to make the selfie look as good as possible, meaning that I try to get a good background as well as trying to make myself look better than I usually would as I feel that people want to see the best of me rather than a just woken up version. I do edit some of my photos! It’s obvious if you know me that I do not look like I do in the pictures that I have posted on my social media accounts, but it makes me feel good about myself to look at a picture of me, or what I could look like if I lost a mole or my nose got smaller.   I also use a good filter as I really feel that a filter is an important part of a selfie as it makes a mood, weather it be cold, warm or arty. 

To take the best selfie I have come up with a 5 step plan.  <script async src="//…


I’ve had to shuffle some things around, the post that was meant to be posted today is being delayed for a couple of days due to something I need to say! This is a message to one of my friends who I have recently found out is concerned about our friendship.
You know who you are... We meet at school in the library, you were there with all your friends and I came and intruded. I stole your bag multiple times and then left you to find it. (Not my best moment) But you still stood by me, you never once hated me and have always been someone who I could talk to, I cheated on my French GCSE and you were the person I told. (Another one of my bad moments) you tried to talk me out of it like the true friend you are. You were one of the reasons that I went back to sixth form as I needed friends like you to support me through my difficult time, you supported me though my difficult time. Without you I may not be here today, so I thank you for the great friend that you have been to me over the last 7 y…

Update on situation

I’m sorry, I really feel like I’ve let you all down with the lack of me posting recently, and the reason behind it is that I’ve finally got another job in the one and only Aldi!  I love retail and it’s the most fun job I can think of due to the constant meeting people and trying to make them smile, however I really do love posting on here as well as I feel like I make you smile or forget about any problems you could be having in your life. I will be posting roughly once a week but hopefully I will be expanding my blog more by hopefully working with new brands and getting in some new and exciting ideas for posts. Keep smiling till my next post which will be about how I take my selfies, and how I get myself to look the best I can in them.