Aldi (New Job)

Something that a lot of you will know nothing about is about my second job working in Aldi. While I love to post on this beautiful site I also love to speak to people and one of the best jobs I could find to talk to customers was in retail, I therefore have found a lovely job working for a well known and high achieving retailer.
First some facts; Aldi is one of the largest retailers in the world with shops in over 27 countries. It was created in Germany by two brothers who expanded there family run store into what is known today as Aldi. While opening new stores every year there latest is Aldi Chelmsford West Way (Clock Tower).
I work for have been part of the team for nearly a month now and have enjoyed nearly all of it (not the early starts) During this time I have meet some amazing people who I work with and have created a bond with the store, in other words, IT'S MY STORE!

I know this is a small post again but I am really tired due to all the work I have been doing lately, however I have some trips planned and hopefully a new video coming out in a few weeks.


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