Thetford Forest!

On Monday I found that I had little to nothing to do, therefore I decided to tick off one of the 8 places to visit and I travelled to Thetford Forest. The journey for me was only about 2 hours which was perfect as there was no traffic and not very complicated (meaning I could just drive on one road.) I arrived at High Lodge Forest Centre at 9.00AM and didn't need to be back home till late meaning I could enjoy the whole day in the cold but sunny weather at Thetford. I started my journey North towards Santon Downham and walked through the forest making my own path to see wildlife and take some pictures that others might not have seen. After reaching Santon Downham I crossed the river which was next to the little village and continued to walk in a northeast direction to get to where the map says Thetford Forest, as I had to view the main attraction of the area. I continued to walk up hills through forests and round paths while the RAF displayed there phenomenal planes above which could only be going to the close RAF base of Lakenheath. Upon arrival at the site of Thetford Forest I was rather disappointed with the lack of facilities that were there, in other words I was starving and there was no food. I had to climb the wooden stag as it was one of the main reasons that I had visited this woodland. 
This was a great walk and helped me take some great photographs, however I had parked my car nearly 7 miles away, as you can expect that was my biggest mistake and I had to walk back the way I came for nearly 2 hours while I had no food or water and it was about 2.30. As you can imagine I needed food. After making a rather funny set of snaps on my snap chat which I got plenty of laughs comments on I arrived at my car where I found a much needed cafe. 
Some of my favourite photos are below. 


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