Top 8 places to visit before you are 25 (UK)

Recently I have been thinking about some places that I would love to visit in the UK, and the rest of the world. I have created a list of the top 10 places to visit before you are 25.

1) Thetford Forest
Thetford Forest is located in the heart of Norfolk and is a widely known location due to its sightings of Lynx cats which have been pictured throughout the area. With campsites all around this location as well as being very near Norwich, it is easily accessible and a great photography spot. 

2) Lake District
The Lake District is the UK's best open landscape for its scenery and every photographer wants to and needs to visit this place as they will capture images that will not only be special but will leave a lasting imprint in there memory for the beauty of all aspects weather it be animals, landscape or special moments. 

3) Robin Hoods Bay 
Robin Hoods Bay is a lovely little village at the north east corner of England, its beautiful beach and lovely buildings are a must see with it's beautiful landscape there are also lots of paths to walk along visiting the coast is a great experience at this little village. 

4) South Dorset
South Dorset is a walking place as it has lots of beautiful landscapes that are begging for people to walk on with views from nearly every angle that scream for photos to be taken. Some of the best sights could be the hill pictures or the stones that lay near cliffs along the coast. 

5) Roselands Heritage Coast
The Roselands Heritage Coast is a lot like south Dorset with its landscape however there are lots more to see such as fossils along the shore and St Mawes Castle, which can quite bitterly take your breath away from the beauty and architecture. 

6) Peak District
The Peak District is another one of those places that you need to go to and everyone knows about it for it's stunning scenery and beautiful old buildings that can be found dotted around the national park. Just don't forget to catch the landscape with your friends as it can be lonely on your own. 

7) Bath
The old styled buildings in Bath are not for photography as they leave tourists gobsmacked due to the amazing architecture and detailed carving in the stone on buildings such as the St Christophers Inn. 

8) Watermead Country park
Next to Leicester is a little park that is full of ponds and lakes that create a surreal picture of beauty, the place can only be described as viewable as it is a place to relax and sit while watching the birds play in and out of the water, just don't go in half term as it is littered with children who scare off the animals. 

(There was pictures for each destination but unfortunately Blogger decided to not put text where I wanted it and it made it very frustrating to read, SORRY)
I hope you have felt intrigued to visit some of these wonders in the UK and are in the process of creating a tour around the country to see the beautiful landscape for yourself as a picture sometimes doesn't fill the cup. I know I'm ready to go to these places and many more.


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