Transgender Update (2)

Its that time of the month again where I tell you a bit about my journey and info about transgenderism for me. (don't know if Transgenderism is a word but...)
So last month I had a meeting with my therapist to discuss the possibility of me and surgery and we have decided that it would be the best way to move forward in my situation, I may have been pushing it for the last year but we have finally sent out a referral form to a doctor down in Brighton who will operate on me to correct my downstairs, if you know what I mean. I have been informed that I will need to take 3 months off of any exercise and work will have to stop for those 3 months but that does mean that I will be sitting down bored for three months meaning lots of new posts. I'm really excited for this life changing operation and it literary couldn't come sooner.
I know this post is a little short but hey theres nothing else to say on the matter as of yet.. wish me luck on the future...


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