Where have I been?

I've been gone for so long, and I feel like I've let you all down. I'm so sorry for not posting, but I'm sure I can make it up to you all with a great post today that will not only be full of images but will also explain a lot thats been going on in my life.

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A you will know from my last post I've been working at Aldi, one of the biggest retailers in the world with stores in over 27 countries and the lowest prices in nearly all them. However there work ethic is a very fast pace, moving and hard working environment. In other words I've been putting in nearly 40 hours a week at one of there stores, I know this sounds like a normal job however comparing it to others I have had before I can say that this is by far one of the most physically challenging jobs I have experienced, beating a paper round, pub work, other retail work and Blogging. The early starts really take a lot out of you as well as the late finishes. As I have worked in retail before I know that everyone tells you that its not a proper job and say that retail is easy and that anyone can do the job but Those are people who have never worked in retail before as those of us that know the truth behind the retail front of working long and restless shifts know that its one of the more challenging jobs. 

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I have also been playing a lot of Fortnite, which is a game I was recommended to put on my PS4 as it apparently is addictive and a really fun game to play. Upon adding it to my games library I can definitely say that its an addictive game as it is simple to use and very fun while there is always a chance that you can win. The game is a free download from the PS4 Store and starts with you parachuting onto an island to to collect ammo, traps and weapons to compete against the other 99 people who have landed. The last one standing wins! each Game can last about 20 minutes if played right. I have only won 4 times in the 268 times I have played.

I have also been looking at buying a new car as my current car is slowly diving a death and breaking in places, such as the clutch, gearbox, breaks and people keep opening there doors into the side causing small dents that really upset me. I have looked at cheep cars and expensive cars and have found one that I really like that I feel will be the love of my life, I will not tell yo what it is as I am saving it for a post later but until then I will leave you with the thought of two seats and a convertible.

Thats really thats all been going on in my life, I have finally got through some sleeping issues I have been having so I should be able to come back to regular posting.


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